Organizations from across Washington State are coming together to stand up for Puget Sound protection and recovery.  The stories on this site are curated from partners and community members who are each investing in keeping this place great.

This is a special place.  This estuary was carved out by glaciers that left behind breathtaking landscapes and lush, fertile habitat. Orca leap and swim just off our downtown coastlines, salmon head home to spawn via our urban creeks, and native cultures that have fished in these waters for thousands of years still practice many of their ancient traditions.  What we do here matters and can ignite new innovative approaches to solving our nation’s biggest environmental challenges.  Across Puget Sound, our efforts chart a new course forward toward a vibrant, enduring Puget Sound region that thrives long into the future.

For more information visit, Puget Sound Partnership or The Nature Conservancy in Washington

To offer a story about an innovative project in your community, email info@psp.wa.gov

For media requests, contact catherine.cochrane@psp.wa.gov



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